Marvel Genesis Series 1.34 Carat Emerald Cut Time Stone #23 of 300


This exceptional emerald boasts pristine quality and richness of color. Cut and polished by the finest gem-cutters for Marvel and East Continental Gems. Own a piece of Marvel history with this one-of-a-kind gemstone.

Genesis Series #23/300
Identification: Natural Emerald
Provenance: Zambia
Carat Weight: 1.34
Shape: Emerald Cut
Measurements: 8.14 x 6.18 x 3.94 mm
Enhancement: Clarity

Certified by the American Gemological Laboratories.
Authentication only valid while product remains sealed in packaging.

Limit 1 per customer.

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Own a tangible part of the Marvel universe through the exquisite Infinity Gem Collection.

Each rare gemstone of the collection tells the beloved story of Marvel’s six all-powerful Infinity Stones. Touch the Marvel cosmos with the surpassing luxury of Infinity Stones from East Continental Gems x Marvel.

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Dec. 2022
Spring/Summer 2023
Spring/Summer 2023
Summer 2023
Winter 2023

Harness the Power of the Time Stone

The Time Stone controls the flow of time, allowing the wielder absolute power to redirect past, present and future.

Collect all six Stones and unlock the option to purchase a custom Infinity Gauntlet to display the historic collection.

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