The World of East Continental Gems

Every story starts somewhere. Discover how East Continental Gems began in 1972 and grew into an international icon of legendary style, bold artistry, and innovative design.

A Story of Jewels and Love

In days of yore, there was a tale of love, family, and precious stones: It all started in 1967, in the heart of New York, when Susan Hudes, daughter of a prominent Viennese family, met Eli Mirzoeff, son of lapidary. The young couple traversed the world in search of rare gems, sharing the same values: a taste for craftsmanship, a family spirit, and a passion for jewels.

In 1972, East Continental Gems was born at 580 5th Avenue, uniting these two visionaries in a common, bejeweled destiny. Their son Adam became Artistic Director of the global design house in 1994. With chutzpah and artistry, he forged a distinctive, strikingly recognizable style for East Continental Gems.

A Rich History

Explore milestones that established East Continental Gems as a global design house at the forefront of innovative jewelry design and expert craftsmanship.

Twinkling Treasures

Eli Mirzoeff’s affinity for collecting rare gemstones laid the foundations for East Continental Gem’s iconic heritage of discovery and exploration, establishing the company’s reputation as a world-renowned jeweler.

Glints of determination and grit

A mother murdered.

A father shot 8 times, then hospitalized for a full year.

A family driven from their home to start a new life in an unfamiliar land.

The upheaval and tragedy of Eli Mirzeoff’s early life didn’t drag him down. On the contrary, it propelled him forward, becoming the drive behind his ultimate success.

Born into a prominent family in Pakistan in 1941. Eli’s early life was idyllic – until the fateful day in 1947 when fundamentalists attack his neighborhood in the rampage and terror, his mother was murdered, and his father critically.

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